Vision Impossible or How To Lose It.

Pick yourself up from the ground. A vision that goes against the mainstream is best tackled side ways. For some this comes natural; for others it takes a bit more work. A vision in the mind is not exactly the same as a vision well lived or act upon.

We can consult experts or formulate our own views as we go along experimenting with life itself. This do it yourself approach is not favored in a world that mainly hypes experts and researched knowledge. It leaves a gap a gray area for experiments on small scales were the toolkit is much smaller and less funded.

We love the stories from rags to fame. How can you test such story? Well by going through the process and see what it is all about. An impossible vision? Or an impossible task when being serious ill. But then it creates an unique position to test all assumptions, narratives and other opinions and human knowledge that floats around in the real world and on the internet.

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What started as a question, quickly became a quest for more knowledge and research to the extent that the box of Pandora is nothing compared to this. One question can generated many more other questions which zoom in or out of the problem.

Holistic views

In research braking up problems in easy handled sub problems is the standard. Life itself is however not that easy to break up in chunks. Everyone who has dealt with psychological health care knows this. Recovery is essentially dealing with all kinds of problems at the same time. There is no quick fix and often the problems persist because of structures that are impossible to escape.

A holistic view is thus not that easy to keep track of or to make a project from. An approach could be waiting for a pattern to emerge from the chaos; while at the same time to keep track of the web of inter connected issues that we need to deal with when exploring this new view. The fact that the 2008 Financial crisis hit hard, made it absolutely an interesting time to see recovery and adaption as mechanism at work.

Globalization is an holistic view of the world. It means everything is connected. It can be a good thing or a bad thing. We prefer to address the good side when we are positive. I argue that a more balanced approach is absolutely necessary to address many of the problems that won’t work when a network collapses or makes it impossible to function as it used to do. Deceases teach you a lot of collapsing systems. It is therefore much easier to reflect on seemingly perfect and efficient way of doing things. The risks are were it matters. The ruin or ‘How to lose it’