According to HAG

When you are strange and brutal in your honesty; a misfit to society…What do you do? You create your own team even if that team is your best self as a friend. Independent thinking, critical thinking and Socratic thinking does not make you friends as it requires others to question themselves. Unusual answers and strong convictions are not helpful either especially not to those who are used that other bow for them. If not with plain aggression then maybe – with covered passive aggressive behavior – they tell you politely or not so nicely to shut up. Why do I tell you this, because when you read and read as much as I do, you can not but wonder that everything starts with ‘Why?’.

And oh my! I did. Questions nobody asks or that are so immensely unpopular; that they can be nerve wrecking, unhealthy deadly. Like clouds that cover the sky in darkness. How did we arrive here? In such a desolate place. Freedom of Speech is so not well understood – I learned that even I who thought to understand it, had to admit I didn’t. The same counts for money too. Therefore I give you a gentle warning. Alice is always looking for Bob even if she needs to follow through to the end of times into just another rabbit hole.