Skin In The Game

This site/my site is not finished. It is a project that I have had to start over again. So enjoy the emptiness as there is no information overload. What is important though is the following.

I got Skin in The Game. What it means is that everything I say about GLOW-Protocol I use myself. Everything that I make myself, I use myself. So there are no hidden secrets.

Don’t leave your brains at home; you got them independently so you might as well put them to good use

  • I am not a doctor
  • I do not use supplements
  • I manage my own health, as my own sole responsibility
  • I love health, mind and body
  • I have tested all things that I’ve said
  • I combine the good of modern science with the good of century old knowledge

I wish you well and good sense. Don’t break your system before it is broke. Instead prevent it from getting broke beyond repair. That is what preventative medicine, habits and health is all about. Do not gamble with your health. If you want to contact me; please use the contact form. It helps me not to get overloaded. I still got half a life of energy left.