ChatGPT, a mystery uncovered.

In the coming weeks or months, at least until the question teller hits 1000, I will explore ChatGPT to the full. It took a long time waiting for something useful to emerge to do this database of questions. I had the idea in late summer 2005 or so. Doing this with humans is inherently difficult, because all the long toes you might step on. So, what couldn’t be more convenient than a bot, that aggregates human knowledge and ask all the nasty questions that linger in the depths of my mind.

The art of asking questions is in that sense like the chess match. That was killed by AI. No human invested time in becoming a great chess master anymore. Because being a master, you would be forever pitched to a machine. So maybe going extinct is a matter of fact of putting AI into a virus and set it free. Anyway if, you’re not into philosophy, or deep thinking, then skip this irregular blog and go on to lead a happy life.

If you’re interested in following along with the conversation; as long as the free trial is there, you can find the answered duplicated into the knowledge-base ChatGPT.