Why Life Came Last

We like to define ourselves as machines. At least that is what some people in the past, like way back in history did, and like to do. Currently, in the age of AI (Artificial Intelligence), most of the discussion is about consciousness, and what AI will do to our species, humanity. Of course, it is about jobs. Jobs do not adapt that easily. Jobs assume education, and between education and reaping the fruits of jobs, sits at least 16 years.

Most discussion do not talk about the elephant in the room. Maintenance, something that in itself generates mental pictures of mechanical men doing the work. However, life invented maintenance a long time ago. A few billion years to be precise. Cells repair themselves and the body does all the upkeep itself. As a customer of our own body, it is a privilege to have such a responsive customer service. The feedback is extraordinary good. Complaints get handled well, provided that we listen to the messages that float through our system.

So life came last to the party, because it had to invent all these properties without hands, without manufacturers. From the inside out. This is not to downplay the accomplishments of today’s technical marvels, that get the praise and is the new rave; but it feels odd to be pushed to a space, where we have to defend life itself. To the point, that we rather spend billions killing a group, then spend thousands, to preserve that awe for life itself. We are more and more mistaking the map for the real thing.

Life came last as a never seen form of coordination, cooperation. A form that magically extended its own lifespan. Not by eating pills, but by fine-tuning and adapting to hostile environments in such a way that harm reversed by learning fast about what works, and what doesn’t.

Maybe, we see life as weak. It is not steel, it cannot be compared to circuits or a space shuttle. It doesn’t have to be. There are life forms, that seem to survive space travel. Life has a narrowband within it operates. It may be that narrowband that is essential, a copy of the underlying rule in the cosmos. A spectrum that has different bands for different organisms. Some can jump from band to band, others only have a single band to operate in, that is without artificial inventions.

If AI ever catches up with life, and I believe it will, in a paradoxical dramatic way. As everything returns to the origin, AI will fall back to life itself. Reinvent Life. Life will always be last. If we want to know what Zero is, how it behaves, then Life will be the best chance of discovering this. A good topic to explore in another post. The invention of the eternal symbol is in itself a revolutionary idea. Maybe there are other representations out there, but the consciousness of the universe, might as well stir into the right direction sometimes. Just by seeding thoughts in Life that came last.