Yes my a happy face this morning. I had a good night sleep. Actually I woke up drunk with sleep. That’s a funny feeling.

First thing first. I start my daily routine with writing (blogging/philosophy) and stretching. It’s not that I feel so energized that I sprint out of bed; put on my running shoes and go for a run or walk. But my new goal is to keep my muscles in good condition.

This all sounds easy, but it’s not. I’ve injured myself in one week with the stretching exercise. So I lost another week for exercises. Continuity is the first goal here. I have to find precisely that amount of energy consumption that keeps my muscles in shape without the increase of sleep. In order to do that you have to think in seconds and minutes depending on the exercise. Every day walking the stairs for two minutes causes me to crash after three days. It also means I usually have to take a nap in the morning to charge myself.