Once in one and a half week is the current frequency for riding my bike. After more than 3 years when cancer was discovered, I shouldn’t mention it anymore. But unlike the flu or a new job, it doesn’t work quite the same. Since that milestone I do seldom feel wind in my hair when riding my bike.

Identity is a complex thing. It turns out that riding the bike was a part of my identity. The Dutch are bikers and it creates a healthy attitude and image for them. Riding a bike is not only being aware of me it is also being aware of my Dutch identity.

And in a few minutes old me was felt. New me watched her riding boldly and even accelerating when catching up a scootmobile. The man surely didn’t know I would spend all my energy on this demarage. Thrill seekers have their one minute of fame; others have their one minute of vivid freedom. And that’s best felt with wind in my hair.

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