No this post is not about that adder. It merely refers to the snake in the grass. But it is about black, the black fake extensions on my head.

They are so nice to look at, but horrible to wear. Every inch on my head is itchy as if I’m wearing a Scotch quilt on my head. You know the quilts, they were quite populair back in the seventies. This hair is a voluntary torture. I can’t sleep, injured my neck because of the weird positions I sleep in.

I’ve tried a bold head also, back than when the cancer had caused a condition of mal nutrition. It was no success *lol*. Exact at the spot where artists draw the horns of the devill I had a bulb. So these naughty brains had to stick out somewhere.

Well at that point I decided that bold or milimeter hair
thing for me. The kids agreed on that too. A democratic decision regarding my head.

The house is very quiet. However I can not lay down my head somewhere else. Head transplants are still SF.

I think, instead of sheeps, I’ll count days. Untill the day I can get rid of this fake hair. A simple natural look, no fake boobs in the future. No improvements whatsoever. I rest my case.

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