This content block is like white paper. I stare at it and ask myself if there is anything useful I can possibly add. To this imaginary paper or to the world at all.
So let’s ramble on. I study the concept of a basic income. Not that I really have one; my approach is like I have one. Games and dreams are as real as reality and one can not say these have no connection. Life is more fluid than we actually think. And so I instantly admit that those to me have no walls between them. Ofcourse for
me. I can write this down as if I conduct a lecture; find every plausible argument. But I don’t. And you guessed right; I’m going to tell you why. Why I think the time is right to put the basic income on the agenda.

First of all I discovered something I already intuitively knew. When it comes to self preservation, when it comes to the point that your life is at stake; then it doesn’t matter much if you have a degree or not.

When life treats you bad, you have bad luck, Fortuna is against you it is not at all about how much skills you have. Some problems are even for the best too much to handle. And that’s a Murphy’s law.

So in essence life is insecure and dealing with that takes place in the moment. In the established connections between people. Not so much in the vast space of office theories. Knowing what the economy does, knowing the statistics, knowing the top jobs or any other thing won’t get you any nearer to improve your situations.

For instance – The Haitians – they need materials to build houses. They need land to grow their food. And the Dutch need more flexibility of the system to help solve complex social issues.

I knew this, but had to learn the true meaning the hard way to let it sink in. So I changed my attitude and pretend as if there are no restrictions whatsoever. And since I did this a lot of my spirit came back. And it takes me beyond what most people think is possible. I truely shape my life and every aspect that is true for me and about me finds its place.

This complexity of character needs a lot of space. It transforms all the time and because of this more unpredictable aspect rigid systems are counter productive. In life there’s no such thing as the average person. It is one of the most overrated and widely misused arguments. Again in the action those theories don’t matter. All you have is you and in my case me.

So I contacted the city radio, I translate video, I write, I draw and find myself in various committees. The basics of my agenda is small; the rest is made in action tailored to the current sitation. Tailored to my needs and tailored to the needs of others. But with one difference I find myself at the same level when negotiating. I am free and as long as the combination is fruitful it will blossom.

And my kids; they got used to the idea that I work from the couch. We sit next to each other and stimulate each other’s unique cofiguration. Because that’s what people have. People have their own presetting, there own configuration that accounts for a lot they do or chose.

So the basic income idea payed already off for me, while it doesn’t affect those who like to be in the harnass of today’s work ethos. And don’t think I do not work, that I waste my time doing nothing. My bedroom is more an office. Papers, books and notes evrywhere. But times change and some run ahead of the troops. And that’s one thing that can be said about me.

In science they have nice words for that: Early adapters – and that is exactly what I am..

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