That’s a good question. Actually the same thing I’m doing now. It’s a big list, but to narrow it down. All things I do for free I would do for profit, but at my own terms and conditions. Ranging from 0 till what ever feels good or necessary. And the good thing is. Now that I am done with translations for today, I already make plans for the next ones.

And yes, I like to make soap, paint, design t-shirt; spend time updating websites. Besides that attending meetings also means a lot of information processing, reading etc. The only thing I have to do is switch the knob in my mind. Lunch was delicious as always. Fish and salad – fresh made; – home made. Laundary done. So I sit and just enjoy the view, the fact I don’t need to travel. Well I’ll pack my bag and relax for a few minutes. My eyes have done enough fitness for today. A translation isn’t easy work. I can imagine how translators have high qualities when it comes to literature. You have to find the right words to say things….We probably need a new word for people with a basic income. Maybe BI-workers. They can be so versatile, that it would make no sense anymore to present oneself with just one job profile. But who cares, skins are all over the place. From cellphones to web browsers. One can even pimp the refrigerator. 🙂

And than you can pimp your own image..

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