Finally the day arrived; a speed ticket to the hospital. 4 Appointments in one day. Heavy but absolute efficient. This hospital journey lasted almost half the day. Some time inbetween appointments.

Each pain is a surprise. I came for headaches, but now my neck is so painful I probably spent the day on the couch as much as posssible. The dry flu catched up and settled down in neck and back. Whole day activities is still a bridge too far.

Sick, sick I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I have to quit now. Spaghetti with meatlof is a bad combination. It seems I have an every day life addiction. Lance Amstrong was lucky. The more I think of it. Life is unfair and cutting organs out of patients is highly underestimated. I trade life for 1/4 life.

Got a new nickname: Moody Helen. (:-)) Inspiration did not die and Woody was crazy lucky.

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