A new disease worth mentioning on my blog. I caught the virus two weeks ago and the incubation time seemed to have worked. From a *WTF* am I doing on Twitter state; my e-health reached a considerable level of 2.0 addiction.

Now that the marathon life is over; I can always opt for an e-health guru. Or as you wish a socio-bug(ger). They spread disseases anyway. Mine is that of real experience. I can tweet most reports to all the topics I’m into; but that wouldn’t make much sense in the practical real life. And to stir things in this soap I volunteerd to get the dissease. Twitterites is uncomplicated and propels networkerites. That is an auto reponse dissease that makes connections.

The best cure for this is a reality check and a prescription for a party drug called Twitmedians. It will boost your laugh life for sure.

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