This is a quicky. My heroic run gave me a few hours flashback. Absolutely marvelous to feel your legs communicating with the rest of the body. Even the feet barely touched the ground for a few seconds.

I ate healthy and baked pancakes later on. My head does now all kinds of things; poring hormones around in the body, raising and lowering blood pressure. Muscles twist, turn or vibrate. A huge contra bass of flesh.

And once again I observed the world from my couch. Half resting and sometimes listening with the eyes closed. It had been Avatar weekend and through the TED talks I got a glimpse of that too. Staying flat helped to reduce the migraine.

Still it was worth it. I left my prison for just 35 minutes. I was free at seven o’clock in the morning. My blood pressure is down now and it goes well with the other symptoms. Hot flashes, nausea, pain and dizziness.

I got so much time to think that I believe I should write even more. But I leave that for the next time; when I’m less stubborn to break out. Even though my mind already tells me to break away from this prison without borders.

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