You open your eyes and the next minute you feel sick. Flashes (hot ones), bowels protest, dizzy and nauseous. And one horrible night with nightmares and a mind that was out of control. The only hope I have is that it happened because of the lack of my medication. Adjusting to them is annoying and missing them too.

Anyway my vision is troubled and the strange feeling in the eyes feels bad.

I returned from Den Bosch and later my visit to the hospital. The night lingers in the back of my mind. I switched the light on in order to go back to sleep. It prevents that I fall back into ‘death’ sleeps. And it still works for me. This time I can’t remember what happened in this dream; but I was glad my son came home late. Otherwise I would have kept myself awake.

This evening the registration of my sleep, breathing pattern and oxygen levels are measured. The device is very small with some cables and a memory card.

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