Yesterday my second (the other one died in action) Philips juice maker arrived. It has this elegant aluminum look and I felt again instantly in love with that machine. It is right back on the countertop.

The day past and I drunk two nutrition shakes and Victoria fish with tomatoes. My body was not so happy abnout the change in calories and besides the hunger feeling all day I slept two hours on the couch. I good hear my son yelling because he saw a moth in the badroom. Well butterflies are of no danger so I let it be. Couldn’t get my eyes open or motivated my muscles to get up.

Anyway I eat 90 percent healthy now and it makes me real proud. I don’t know if anything helps but my body needs a good cleaning.

So my first juice was a combination of:

  • carrots
  • cucumber
  • celery
  • olive oil
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