Our hotel room is neat and clean. We are in Eging am See and I am writing my post under a blanket. The Blackberry screen light produces a very bright light even at 50%. Anyway this is my first grand tour since the operation.

My son drives the car and he does it very well. He’s nineteen and drives as if he was born in a car. We were all cool and relaxed. No arguing and my old family spirit had returned in a blitz.

Even the rain had no effect. The trees and endless green yellow grasses formed a life painting in my mind. Even now this landscape breathes the ‘grandeur’ of ancient times. It takes me back to Schiller and Goethe and many others. For us it is a very big country. A two hour drive to the next main city?….. No we like to bike and have everything at hand.

My mood is also good and not very far away too. Body management is still necessary. I hardly drink because I already needed a stop every two hours. My healthy diet does a good job. So I take this little inconvenience. I didn’t sleep in the car; but a fifteen minute brake was needed because I started shaking and oddly breathing again.

At our family hotel it’s very quiet; there are not a lot of guests right now. My daughter and I sleep in this double bed. Last night was really fun. A teenage sleep over party and I was like 31 going on 13. So we have all the freedom we can get including French fries and Schnitzel.

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