It is early morning and I’ve slept in my beloved country Hungary. Each time when I see the green yellow grass fields meander in the landscape I am home. And somehow all my worries seem to have disappeared.

We stay at a little cottage house of my uncle. (Don’t worry about the way he looks) My family consists of all these people who I have adopted as family. It’s Taylor Made family business. I don’t bother about race or color. I care about the heart your energy and just the way you treat life. My uncle is like a vagabond; you know….done this, done that and somehow always on the move. I like that because I am a restless soul. My heart is too close to nature and the way people organize their country systems is feels sometimes so suffocating.

So I ate Ildiko’s soup. Bell pepper seasoned, carrots, little potato pieces and some meat. A delicious swimming pool of vegetables colors. We played with his dogs. Ringo 2 and Snautschie are real outdoor dogs. No spoiled park walking dogs; but free dogs who wander around the grass and fruit trees. They chase deers and cats and everything they find interesting.

It is my first vacation that feels not like a hospital vacation.

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