Sometimes you meet people in your life, who have a great impact on you. Even when you’ll never see them in person. But as you go along side by side they become your friends. Like every friendship the first time when conflicts occur is the hardest one. The road is bumpy while traveling. Dreams are shattered and trust is broken; and still it is as if we belong together on this bumpy road of life.

And therefore when you take this journey with an open mind you will learn things you would have never imagined. Growing spiritual is not easy. It will turn your heart inside out; it will challenge your mind and your assumptions.

Nicknames give us a sense of a protection; but sometimes they become part of you. As a second skin, almost untouchable and a sense of freedom is the result. I have always believed that extra ordinary friendships exist. Nature is so diverse that even we should not be surprise how strange life can turn out to be. And that’s what Orange51 taught me and therefore became a part of me in a little corner of my heart.

On friendship…..

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