Let’s face it; the job of my son is a success and a failure. At the time he comes home in late in the evening I’m already awake. My body has already been trained to know when he comes home. As a six sense I wake up minutes before he enters the door.

In the next minute all in the house are awake as he acts as the King. Because he is a overpaid teenager with a big mouth. All the skills that I have, my training and knowledge are diminished in one bullying sentence. “You have sit all day on your ass!”.

As I know this attitude has come from his father as an example it cuts through my heart even more. The amount of bullying I have faced in various subtle levels is huge. At this point; although I tell him the rules and arguments why he should consider the welfare of others too; he doesn’t know how much this blow hurts me.

I’ve tiptoed my endless sleepless night to raise my kids. A bugler or military team would appreciate my skill. Without light I have found my way around any dark place like a blind man. Why because to avoid the endless quarrels from an annoyed husband. Who cared more about his sleep than he ever cared for the kids.

By these simple attitudes my kids have already incorporated the bad habits. Showing a perfect face on their job, they start bullying at home. The fact that I still suffer from my illness and the fact that I need some kind of support is simply nothing. And I am with my back against the wall. Between family harassment and government bullying who treat you as a criminal because they gave you money. Denying your rights as a patient. Over here I won’t get well soon. As I have to put all my energy in defending myself to false, intimidating and useless assaults.

My uncle has seen it in one week. He himself raised his kids alone. Very few men do it. But I remember his words. “You are too kind and your soft soul makes them terrorize you!” Now half the family is upset; because years of mental harassment is out in the open now.

Because I was smart, I had designer cloth, I had a higher education, I was black they thought to have the right to make my life miserable. That’s how right wing thinkers think.

I always said: “I don’t need to fight to prove I am right….”

But somehow me is gone; and it’s like my soul is raped over and over again. Respect is difficult to gain. Bullies play by different rules. Aggressive behavior makes more aggressive behavior. And I try to fight and keep my dignity…..Sometimes I wished I was strong enough to punch them all in the face.

All this has been told to me in a horror moment of insight. As a teenager I read the book of Hermans: ‘Nooit meer slapen’ (To never sleep again). In a split second I had seen an aspect of my life in a paranormal event. And it had a huge impact on me. I knew the truth before it had happened.

And to you I can only say you have three options.

  • 1 paranormal events exist
  • 2 coincidences exist or
  • 3 someone deliberately harasses you
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