Spending my time in the outside world, made me come back with an every day booked agenda. And that is for sure a slick monster that invades your life and dreams.

Normal dreams turn into nightmares because there’s too much pressure. The chemical balance is now so subtle that the slightest increase evokes tiredness.

Three days is just fine. The rest of the week is then spend doing the things that have been initiated. Instead of sleeping on the couch to recharge my batteries.

So this monster with five teeth invaded my dream; nibbling at the background of an awesome surreal movie. And yes I don’t do horror movies anymore. The cast is always the same; what hardly gives the chance to work with new top actors. One solution. I simply leave the scene.

Scary movie dreams episode 1001 is just what it takes to have a chronic sleeping problem. Even in my spare time; conflicts have been dumped at me. Why? Because I am probably not selfish enough to walk away and say “keep your shit!” (Wow one profanity) *LOL*. Voluntary work should not be a stress factor!

And that’s when reality sets in. I don’t have much choice. One meeting one on one session and I lose my energy. Leaving me disabled to do the work that needs a lot of conscientious focus. I’m virtual free. But even if I had a scooter to cruise on my own; I would have the problem energy leaks by concentration.

So agendazilla needs a few monsters from my part. Some mean viral sabotaging monsters. And I now a candidate that’s perfectly suitable for the job ‘Influenza chronos stressae somniae’ or the ‘dry stress sleep flu’.

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