The day is finally over. A ten ton heavy weight has been put to rest. Too much eating and drinking makes me feel fat and tired. Even though you might see this as a disaster; I managed to take a new road.

It’s name ‘Python’ and the skill I need to master is programming. Curious by the fast adaptations of the Facebook games the old vibe of programming rose as a little Phoenix of hope.

So here I am, with time and with my mind. Half sleepy on the couch I’ve learned about writing a string to the output screen. Found people on the net who were willing to share their knowledge. Even a little boy from thIrd grade, who professionally explained about ‘random’. And the ice creams he used just made me remember It more.

At the back the TV played Nicole Kidman in Australia. A little epos about courage, love, traditions and shattered lives. Something we can feel more than we want to. Even I got to travel that bumpy road. Our cross roads. And yes that’s what we all face at a certain point in life.

That’s what we all face…

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