Two things. The first is a question: “Do you need help (with)….? The interviewer wants a machine like yes or no. However (in this case a woman) forgets the fact that answers even from humans are processed by an internal program of reasoning. And for a life, our reality that is highly multidimensional with a bunch of dilemma’s the question asked is not a good one.

Why? Because dilemma’s involve a lot of ‘if else’ statements with many loops. To be short and down to earth..The answer is ‘yes, when it doesn’t harm the new fragile situation’; likewise the answer is ‘no, taking into account the bad experiences and the possible chance of repetition’.

I think that someone without a life that tumbled down, really has a setback in knowledge how people come to answers on apparently easy questions. At least some of them.

And in addition to the last argument there is the risk of ‘new theory or arguments’. I call it that way because when someone is confronted with a difficult text, some new theory or a total new insight; that person has to let the information ‘soak in’ for a while. And through repetition etc understanding is born. That also means that someone could have a good point when arguing, but we fail to see it because we are trapped in our own patterns of reasoning.

And some of us take the easy way out and just insert a ‘break’ in the system. Acting on a mere impulse and casting out the possibilities. It’s a kind of different level of complexity to handle life. The difference between an amoeba and a shrimp.

The second thing is; this question worked like an hypnosis and invoked a very old dream. In short I see myself lost in a huge labyrinth of hole ways in a mayor university. But the strange thing is I remembered exactly the same dry fountain in the middle of the end of section C. I know I’ve been there before and I see myself climbing again. The only thing different now is that in this dream I see it through the eyes of an adult. Me…I have turned back into this dream in my footsteps as a young adult.

Memories have a logic of their own and sometimes are buried so deep in our brains we forget that we have them.

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