A sunny day is at least one part that worked for me. I’ve been to a meeting about people who need care for a long time or a life time. Just one hour. It was interesting.

Back at home I solved my Python issue. That was kind of cool. But the joy was not to last. I capitulated on the couch for a firm nap. Headaches are not my thing.

Anyway I call it an end for today; the flu is building up and I need more sleep. I probably sleep ten hours now and there’s no sight of improvement. You win some, you lose some.

My daughter is moody. In the age of plenty and rat race children get addicted to flash instant pleasures. Like life is a cookie jar. But it ain’t and for me it is difficult to relate to people who are bored. I’m certainly too busy exploring or do nothing at all to be bored at all. Both are great!

Having a hobby is merely enjoying and allowing oneself to dive into something a bit by bit. And it is sad to see her unsatisfied with a beautiful body where as my body is brutely messed up by human (however needed, life saving, but nonetheless) wrecked intervention. My pep talk isn’t working so I decide to sleep over it.

Yes I’m still upset and me diving into Python helps me divert my attention from the misery. A very effective escape code. So sleep well and….

(Control) (Alt) (Sleep)

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