There’s this plant in my living room. It’s in a trash bag for over a year now. It used to be a beautiful plant with a double helix style stem. Anyway this plant was nearly dead and ugly. However it still had one green leaf and a knob on top. And we all know ugly plants are a sin in today’s modern household. So I put it in the bag to trash it.

But than I noticed the little knob again and thought if I trash it I destroy a bit of life and although it is not an animal it has remarkable survival skills. Thus that thought I left the plant where it was in the trash bag. And actually once I made that decision I had committed myself to it; therefore I gave it occasionally cold left overs of my cooking water.

Lately in this summer I suddenly noticed the plant again. It grew all new leaves and looked and still looks very happy in a plant like way. Shining thick green leaves as if it says thank you for taking care of me again.

And so what I have learned from this is that living beings and things need time to flourish and if we let them be and give some care they actually might survive very well.

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