So I saw some victory; lost 6 kilo but gained another 6 plus because of stress. My happiness was not to last until last Friday my special diet arrived. I had managed to survive on a oats-soy-milk diet. And the scales turned out to be merciful. 2 kilo weight loss. I didn’t jump for joy as I had to starve myself to get there.

Thus here I am. Same time same problem. I started to sport again. Well that’s a great word if you can call a walk of 30 minutes 3.5km/hrs a sport. However for me it is. Be humble if you are healthy because me too had never thought to lose my ability to freely move like that.

Basically I’m running around in circles. I walk 30 minutes because I’m slow. Anyway to make my point at last my calves hurt all the time with every step. And thus remind me – you can never hike or run again foo you! Even that I can take, but what’s really annoying is the fact that these walks cause insomnia problems. A weird wining pain in my calves makes it impossible for me to fall asleep.

But last night I had an Eureka moment. I took the wooden massage brush; put it on my foot and rolled the calves of my other leg over it. In the end I could fall asleep way past my bedtime.

Another problem with thyroid-less dieting is the fact that exercise increases my sucker cravings. It is sky rocketing and it can only be satisfied with pure sucker. Even my chromium pills can’t prevent it. My carbohydrate metabolism is really ‘fokked up’.

Calves hurting all the time and they simply do not improve. There’s no sign they get stronger. They complain all the time….

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