The morning is still gray while traffic sounds rips it serenity apart. I feel like a bear longing for my well earned sleep. The fact that I feel this way after my early morning walks gives me some assurance. Things will not be better. I only hope I get my official CFS status so I can really get on with my life. The uncertainty is killing. I just want a stable base I can work from. And I do hope some people get a final wisdom and change the rules so people like me have a better chance to adjust to their situation and still can work something to feel some respect. It is not the work that is important but our thoughts about. We have complimented the working people at the expense of others. Government is like a father who praises one son and pushes the other down. This is a recipe for disaster because the sons won’t learn the skills one need as things don’t go well at time of a crises. And this is already happening. Right wing has never be the one who really made a livable state for all. They divide and conquer, but we need everyone because no one is useless.

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