It’s a strange phemenon I discovered during my illness. The heavy sleep triggers repetitive dreams about a specific period in my life. In those dreams I visit the old neighborhoods I used to visit with my mom at the age between four and ten. The strange thing is I only dream about it when I’m so intense tired I grasp for air and energy. It’s like the heavy tiredness unlocks almost forgotten knowledge. Be it speaking sufficient fluent Russian or this a photographic detailed film of old places. How our body and mind stores experiences is just remarkable. But there is something else; I used information from another dream. In the first dream I visited a street with my friend which whom I never visited this place in reality. But in this dream we forget the name of the street and I recall in the dream this visit and I managed to solve a problem of a dream with a dream. And that’s weird as if I have a double life, a dream life that also has logic in it. In my dreams I’ve been totally aware that my adult brain is visiting my youth as if I port reality into the past. As if I’m traveling through time and space.

But hey I have to go to sleep again…so sweet dreams.

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