A quick diary update. My diet has been simple. Protein drinks on subscription. As my stomach and especially the guts are over stuffed. Hardly any food gets in. But now the pressure in my belly has been relieved. I keep the amount of solid food low.

The weight is still a problem; but the digestion of food has more priority. Morning starts slow and after the midday nap I ate half a small pizza. One rule I learned – go to bed with an empty stomach. As soon as I eat too much it either floats back or I suffer from dizziness.

November is traditionally a bad month so I simply started anticipating. Early to bed and taking more rest. Yes it’s a couch potato life. Exercising is constraint to bus walks and I haven’t seen the gym. The headaches are a warning and crossing the line only makes me end up with dizziness and more gut problems.

The food is so slow digested that I need to chose them with precaution; never too much and too fast.

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