Today history and tomorrow history. It’s quiet in my room. Almost sleeping time as I realize I’ve seen almost everything on the tv. Discovery, Discovery Science, National Geographic, Animal Channel and now History Channel.

Sir Isaac Newton a genius and someone with a compulsive disorder. But is that true – if you decide to dedicate your life to one thing?; like having children….Anyway after years A.D. I’ve seen slaughtering men as if it’s a natural law that we first need violence to realize life is more than only violence; about other things.

Centuries of collective mind development and in between this my daughter has crawled up to me on the couch; vividly chattering about her future man in all his positive prince like features. I smile and think back about my youth.

Growing up children is all being about mortality and life over matter over death. And Newton did not have any he only left his note for others to see. Do we still have these kind of geniuses? People who are obsessed with one thing. The thirst to knowledge even if we don’t live to see the answers.

We leave digital waste and I think in the end my words will be more important than my grave. That’s what memories are for. A simple account of a history not written. Ordinary life events that mattered.

I wrote therefore I’ve been.

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