The flu hasn’t past yet; but the worst has been. It is a strange feeling when all is sour in your face. My arm muscles twist and turn themselves like a muscle morse code. I even dreamed about the migraine in my sleep. Before I went to bed I had half a bottle of shake and I needed to stack pillows to prevent it from flowing back. So it was a weird night slipping in and out various dreams.

In my dream I went back to Hilversum at the crossing Gijsbrecht/Kerkelanden. It is strange I always return to that crossing and a lot of the scenes have that particular area in common. Don’t ask me why it has been hard wired.

I saw my blind mother celebrating the pastors promotion. I paid her a surprise visit. She was so happy that she walked too fast and stumbled over the pavement. I could barely catch her; than she laughed a big smile. She is always happy.

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