It feels great to be back! I’ve enjoyed my silence on my website quite a bit. Turned to other platforms especially Facebook and LinkedIn in my continuing search for answers. It will help coping with fatigue and adapt my life in a such a way it in the end becomes successful again on a different level. So I sit on my couch and blog while I set up my computer to be so flexible I can do almost everything I want with it.

My couch office is warm relaxed and keeps me highly motivated. I even went out for my 5 minutes exercise walk around the block. Not much but a new start that is most welcome at the moment. In the process I’ve learned a lot about self help and involving with others for their quest for answers. Although no person is alike; it helps a lot if you know how to help yourself through the process of becoming chronic ill or chronic better. Depending on the glass that’s half empty or half full.

Anyway I’ll leave you now, while I go for a hunt in my fridge to get some healthy food and feel on top of my little CFS mountain.

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