The evening suddenly changed when the kids entered the door. Their chemistry reached boiling points. And before I knew it we where back in the trailer. On a construction site. Deciding who was the sweetest. All back then.

Between the muscle talk; the laughter and boys secrets we found chicks jokes. Sausages with too tight rubber jackets. One day I’ll be hundred years and it is my bet – no copy cats allowed!

We laugh even harder and the words pass on like a pint of beer. Our secrets; much smaller than Wikileaks but only for insiders. That’s what families are for.

Way past our bed times the two generations perfectly blended together. It’s crazy to have a young mind, but than I like controversies. It is all I am. Like it or not; life is full of Wiikileaks without them we were lost. As evil starts in the darkness; but our mind, attitude and eagerness is too bright for that.

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