The news said it. All voluntary work is only voluntary for people with an income. And a cheerful man happy cleaning the green told everybody he would hope to find a real job soon.

What is the moronology of this policy? An accountant never gets a job in accountancy with his cleaning green experience. An alcohol addict never gets a paid job if he is totally wasted. Pouring coffee is regarded as uneducated work. You don’t have to have a degree to pour coffee for the elderly.

So VVD, PVV and CDA have done well on their crash course moronology for policy makers. Luckily they are on the top of the economic food chain. And we all know how poison slowly accumulates there. Cancer is a silent killer.

Well leaves me only one question. What is the average profile of someone who is on state welfare?

Anyway it also can be seen as a cordial invitation to destroy them inside out. As client advisory boards – full of cheering volunteers – are inflicted by law. Let’s whip some asses!

Amazone of Troy

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