Every time I feel bad it is still a surprise. And so my court debacle goes on. More dead than alive I see BigBluebrother pathetically in love with their List of Functions. I would rather say morons as it seems to me that even an organization as UWV has more and more character issues. How the inanimate comes to life.

An organization with too many faces; a multi headed monster that tries to squeeze you to dead. Luckily Spongebob can’t be squeezed to dead – so I loudly imitate this imaginary sponge. And so I am awake in the middle of the night waiting for the flu symptoms to get less.

The court room was I think the same as last time unless they all look alike. Mother queen faced away from me. It would be nice if she looked into the room. I am one of her million sheeps you know. A black one ironically.

Anyway as I sat with my lawyer I felt back in school with my surrogate father and the judge as a alma father. If you want anger management lessons I advise you citizen disobedience. A court session gives you maximum profit.

So the holy grail of Lists contained tax officer, library employee and a few more I can’t think of. Like a mantra of a medicine man UWV is absolutely sure. You can earn money without the loss of income if you just fit their list of jobs. Human intelligent on the scale of a dumb computer with a loop. Bugs go ahead!

I think I must write more often as my book of life could be one day on a bestsellers list. Inside the Dutch disability trade. On human trafficking. No income, no adequate help and sold to whomever wants to hire you.

Where did this country got fucked up? Don’t know but I guess some people have righteous picked their nose while sleeping on their desk; payed by tax payers.

Luckily we got something in common. Which employee is allowed to sleep during the boss’s time?

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