People might see me as normal. When I walk outside. But that is just their interpretation. I feel every unnatural heavy step. The wagging unbalanced heavy movement of a large body that has to be coordinated. It moves – oh yes it did. It does so with an irritating reminder.

And thus a thirsty over eating machine on two legs. A whip cream craving with sugar. Exercise or anything else may tricker that. Eating away tiredness is not what I want. Luckily one myth did help. Coca Cola proved to help me with digesting my nauseous making cocktail of food. And I slept well on it. Even when I wake up sugar is on my mind. Not hunger. Hunger is something rare. I can simply forget to eat unless exercise trickers my blood sugar levels.

So I have to catch up with chrome pills again. A hypopotamus even if it looks heavy and lazy somehow manages to move at an incredible contradicting speed.

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