One of my favorite nightmares. A new animal. Most ferocious and venomous; an aggressive snake lion or lion snake – whatever. Waking up from this nightmare was enough. And it started all by a simple association. No Wuthering Heights; but a Wuthering House. I may have been buried alive in memories. And my mind holds therefore a ghost trapped inside.

Anyway when I woke up I had it on my sleeve; while I had managed to keep it away from me since the moment I fell asleep. I saw myself cutting and feeding him raw meat while I sat on a box or something. Just buying time to stay alive. I still feel the pressure of being hunted. A prey is all that I am in my dreams. Just fighting to keep myself alive in….whatever it is that I’m in. Life, dream, body, situation….or harsh reality. Now I got a little headache. But I better get back to sleep because I got a doctors visit tomorrow.

Why I write this? It’s just a broken body report. Oh yeah!….. that is what it is…….an broken body report.

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