Yesterday was such a kind of day. My son had his free day. And we run into each other by accident. I on my way back from the bathroom where I had spent several long minutes because of my drunken dizziness.

Yep you guessed right – flu time. My shopping adventure on Sunday had been a bridge to far. But every hiker knows sometime at some point you run into the point of no return. So you move on, just keep walking.

And that has been my recipe for disaster. I became a stuffed potato; totally inflated and nauseous. Food became an ugly thing; a hell on earth because the scales went up again.

Anyway after the cleaning exercise of yesterday morning all my energy was drained. The flu in my muscles became worse especially my eyes. From the back of my neck I felt as if I was burning and my face felt like Droopy. Mashed up weird as if I could not unfold the wrinkles I felt so deeply.

Well the little noise, the bouncing music of modern homework was just too much. I capitulated on the couch protecting my eyes from the light and just sleep of the pain, dizziness, nausea and all the noise around me.

And now I haven’t figured out exactly how to keep the diet for the next two weeks. Slowing down is one option. Cutting away anymore food is no option. I simply have trouble digesting the little portions I eat. My daughter told me in all her spontaneity that my body just was defect…… And in this toy house of reality I felt being that broken doll; with no chance for a refund.

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