Some cryptic message this is. The fact is facts do not always proof something. The oldest form of cryptic messages where saga, fairy tales, songs and symbols.

So how does one hunt down a Ghost who ruined your life or damage you in some way. Of course with the oldest form of spoken language. Symbols, metaphors and any other creative writing.

You probably ask yourself why I write about that? Well I have to dive into a project that is based on security and encryption. I even found an unconfirmed and thus tested solution myself. But it will be nothing unless it is confirmed possible.

All this made me think if someone deliberately put a lot of effort in ruining something; the other is equally entitled to ask for compensation and rehabilitation. Something that is easily forgotten by the powers in society. Be it an individual or institution. But times change and our species evolve while spitting out deviants in the human race.

As for me I am able to draw a circle with my right foot while writing my name! So much for the theory of linked usage of some part of the brain. That is why research is the best along spirituality. It fuels ‘ghost writers’ and ‘cyberborg’ deviants.

And you’ll never know if I am one of them unless you find the key of interpreted context.

Happy problem solving.

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