The morning is almost over and I’m zipping some high protein meal. Just to gain strength and try to get up for the second time. My cell phone shows me a time gap of only half an hour. Because I heard my daughter asking if I shouldn’t be up right now.

But my body was too paralyzed with sleep. A weird head and a strange dizzy feeling pulled me back to the pit of eternal dreams and nightmares. A heavy breath made my chest go up and down in slow motion. That is how my mind perceived it. More like breathing with a little tube.

I gained consciousness in what have seemed to be hours. Turbo sleeping I call this state. A condensed sleep that presses a whole night into minutes. And it has been minutes as I realized that my daughter had returned from the shower and she has most likely been there for a maximum of twenty minutes.

That leaves me puzzled with a brain fog and a faint headache. What happend? To withstand the dizzy feeling I keep my body in a horizontal position. In bed it’s the best way to make things less worse.

Yesterday I felt ill at the supermarket and barely made it home in time. It has been a forecast. The night was all about sneezing and coughing. I was sea lion bark free for just a week. But the walking exercise made it come back again. Physical exercises just are an attack on my immune system. So 30 minutes daily has not benefited my health. Instead I fight all kinds of inflammation in my body.

Zipped the protein…so time to get up I guess.

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