Nothing I like more than a old school Froebel day. Basically this me glued to the kitchen. Dry peas and beans have to be welled first. And for someone as impatient as me that is a serious job.

But I have my secrets -which means I can’t shut up….anyway making green juice this morning and a few health shakes later; I got myself a pound pulp. I used to trash it; but lately I decided to recycle it into a veggie bouillon. After pressing out the nutritious water I made the beans. At the end of the pea soup I poured the veggie bouillon in the soup. Some vegetables and lentils with rice made it a balanced soup.

Dieting with soup is much easier and it provides more liquid.

And a diet is well combined with a great skin. So I made my home brewed skin oil and a chocolate desert. All 100% fresh and no time to be bored.

Life can be as simple as that.

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