Although I started down and very tired yesterday; my body made something after my 45 minute bike from one part of the town to my home. What it is I don’t know, but I’m high ever since. Had a lousy sleep like I had been drinking alcohol. Not being able to catch my deep sleep.

I did sleep of course but it was as if other parts of my brain knew that I was awake and alert. And that kind of sleep I hate. Feels like the Duracell ADHD bunny; unable to stop.

One thing I do know is that where I was fine tuned in the past; I know have a rough tuning. Approximately hormone release. A kamikazi pilot approach – just drop everything instead of calculated targeting.

And when talking about sleep I also call it the lost on-off switch; because my body is unable to fall in sleep normally. I am tired but don’t know anymore how to glide into my sleep. So the body shocks and shakes but can’t seem to find the off switch for a long time. Finally turning in to a broken TL tube sleep. Flickering in and out of consciousness. Thanks to this biker’s high.

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