Sleeping around the clock brought me a winner’s day. And that literally means kefir time; standing in the kitchen to do housework. So I made my secret pork recipe. The kids loved it mild soft taste. It was absolutely fun.

A new wash line between the balcony walls. I did it myself… the lines are hanging too high and I can hardly reach them.

But all this cleaning has a downside; somehow I can’t sleep because of the extra pain in my body. Every muscle hurts. Achilles, my feet, my knees, my hips, my thumbs, my arms, my neck, my back. To find some relief after an hour massage; I decided to pull the couch pillows of the couch and drop them on the ground. Next near my bed and my legs in a ninety degree twist and turn to find some relief.

No I’m definitely not going to do something like that again until I’ve found out why my muscles hurt so much. This pain and seek game is killing me. And guess what? I would do a kill for some hot oil.

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