This evening I saw a pink Python crawling in my mind. And that’s not weird at all. Some people gather Coca Cola cans or bottles other pile up their homes with garbage. Taking that into account I don’t feel weird about my hunger for knowledge. Call it an obsession, addiction what ever you like, but I caught this Django Python fever.

And pink it is. Sneaky crawling in my mind with a pink foggy cloud around it. I’m deep into my projects. Only listening to short term goals. Pursuing my dream this center of simple steps education.

Programming is not much more than marathon running. One glide at a time as the pink Python closes in on me.

More information; it will find its place in me. The mind is a universe itself. And now my universe contains a little more Django Python. A new beginning on my journey to geek world.

Sure enough Pink Python sounds really geeky…..kinky geeky that is.

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