Having no thyroid gives you valuable information about, the mind, body and rhythms. Going to bed means the sleep flies away, followed by a not so much healthy sleep. But at least it is something. Than soon after that the awakening begings. Thoughts come into being and my mind searches for problems to think about. Fresh new insights bubble up as new narratives. The first awakening.

By the time it is round two o’clock there’s nothing I can do than simply wake up. Do whatever is productive, like answering e-mail and comment on emerging thoughts of others. It’s the quickest way to tire off my brains. I pick tough topics, like physics, psychology, behavior or whatever is interesting. New concepts to chew on, following the footsteps or thought steps of people like Darwin. And it helps wonderful. Brain activity is 20% of metabolic energy consumption. The one thing that hindered me after surgery is now in small amounts a cure for insomnia. No pills, but direction of thoughts it self.

The second awakening was 20 minutes ago. Heavy curtains of sleep are pulled from my being. The sun already up and running. I remember my nightly activities. The survivor hero I was. Having walked the Northern Waters route and drinking Kombucha carrot juice. Small but significant milestones. They mark the dawn of a new me or as I have lately learned. Writings ones new narratives is vital to recover from significant turbulence in the projection of the individual or his/her life. Feeling normal is re-writing the feedback loop of experiences. From a marathon runner to an awesome walker. From a long narrator to a micro blogger. At the end I can say I have done it all, not been hindered to a monkey play. That is doing the same trick over and over again, because someone thinks it’s handy. As a generalist I became an expert in the theory of everything, something so simple as called ‘life’.