The best status if your good for your money. Although I can stash my money in my bra (they look bigger that way duh), my boobs are just months away from becoming their triple A status. Walk training is like Ceasar Milan says: exercise, discipline and affection. That simply means get up every day, tune your mind to walking, fight the headache and nausea and last but not least love your salads.

Getting the weight down is all that matters. Dance lighter, play more and have fun. The mind bends with the triple A. It learns to love moving, learns to appreciate the body parts, learns to believe again. No heart oddities, no extreme pain in the legs, no restless legs, but a faint notion of freedom. The louring depth of a New York Marathon. Running 30 seconds is just living that dream. And no C status can cause that, because that’s all in the triple A effect. My cash is stashed in my booty, the right and only one rich instant energy source. Do you believe that? Yes you can!