So I am finally in bed. Cyto and I have done a lot. After last night poop festival (yelping and poop in the bench) I tried a different approach. ‘Terror Cyto’ had to cool down in the bench after a series of couch chewing events. In that way he could gently get used to being in the bench and associate it with sleep.

Second strategy when Terror Cyto was jumping on and off the couch – a good run outside. For me a good exercise to get comfy being outside and to lose the prison feeling. Prison break is most of the time a mental escape from extreme imprinted bad feelings, emotions of events.

With Cyto being so young we get the time to work our way up together. Both have to work on strength, endurance and walking. Reading the dog’s behavior is a good exercise for me, as interpretation comes from observing. My seagull project is back in the fridge; as I have no time now to start bird watching. I need some topics in order to test the analytic software that I am testing.

Well all this having said; this is the first night he went to the bench without yelping. And so it will be a good time to go and sleep too. My body feels like a truck drove over me and all that because I have been shopping too. A pair of boots and some pretty warm cloth….

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