Last FridayI saw this TED talk about a moral hormone or the bonding hormone Oxytocin. The first article about Oxytocin linked it with baby bonding responses and with young children with deficiencies of it. They have trouble bonding in later life.

As I am now roughly focusing on animal (my dog Cyto in particular) influence on the mental rehabilitation process. Getting cancer and a dysfunctional body has had a huge impact on my mental health. A lot of traumatic experiences surfaced again. Even though I had them mentally boxed.

Cyto is already proven to be a golden intervention. The disconnectedness with my inner-self started healing after one day. It took us one day to trust and read each other energies. And I assume that Oxytocin is flowing naturally again in my body. Even so adrenaline. Life tempo got a boost and the flu and headache set of mild but chronically. The process of healing is rather slow. 30 seconds running a day is not anything near marathon training. But as I call it a microthon training; these 30 seconds make me feel alive.

Cyto costs money. His contribution to my health is however significant:
– mental energy improved
– physical energy is challenged
– more adrenaline, Oxytocin
– less cortisol
– tight rhythm in daily schedule
– improved task handling
– easier relaxation
– improved muscle toning

And time is up. Cyto is a handful and I have to get up. He’s stealing my daughter’s bra – he is already jumping high 🙂

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