Well it is a bumpy ride; ever since two weeks I’m tortured with muscle pains. From my fingers, arms, hip and legs. Lately with severe back pain as well.

But in the weekend my creativity spiked. I forced myself in every odd child way position sitting on the floor. Stretching hamstrings, hips, back and legs. Surely a rigorous spartan solution.

Sometimes the pain was accompanied by nausea and thus I eat soup, oatmeal and white rice constantly. Keeping focus is all that mattered. My walking improved a little. All that said I guess ballet or pilates is a very good body fitness goal as both strengthen the muscles while stretching them.


People Woman Pink Yoga Mat
StockSnap / Pixabay

My notebook is placed in such a way that I can hold the stretch positions for at least 15 minutes. It worked! Another spike in creativity – and I took my yoga math to my bedroom; placed it above another one and put two curly pillows in top. The dreads are hard and give massage like movements.

During the night it all came together as a good decision. The worst pain died off. It will probably take me weeks to stretch everything to almost normal.

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