This blog is to share some personal experiences about CFS. After my cancer surgery I had no idea what was coming my way. Now that I am a few years later, it is time to blog about it. At this moment I’m not sure if I ever will be able to work; but at this moment I think that it won’t happen anymore. Well I don’t want to scare you off; instead I intend to make it all juicy and funny some times.


I revamped my chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) blog. After many breaks; some took even years; I get finally some time to work on the project. A massive amount of work has piled up. CFS has long been the focus of my journey. In retrospect however I can say that the focus changes all the time. Although I have learned to live with it all. I can not say that I am more positive then negative. My prison might not be visible, but it is truly there. So much so that being bullied became the second most experienced phenomenon after CFS.