Brain researcher finally surf on public consent. More reasearch is done concerning brain activity. It is a shame that inspite of all advance, it isn’t possible to have the experimental praxis available at consumers price. Except from beauty markets; where on a small scale professional equipment is available.

But the nice thing of all this searching is, that it often proves that others are right. Even though they have been mocked for years. Meditation is such topic. And the sleepless night is an excellent time to conduct those experiments. If you take time to explore your own mind, you may find ordinairy things. I’ve done this since early highschool.

One of my favorite games is to try to discover how movement works. You can move your hand or fingers unintentionally. I mean without expressing explicit free will, thinking about it. I try to find answers as why do I make that particular movement and not some other.

And yes Cfs is all about brains, hormones and imunesystem. It also effects the functioning. Memories get an exceptional strong emphasis. But new memories don’t. In order to find a solution I took the one thing my brains do best. Experience and association. In order to remember better I need to understant the concepts more in depth. So I have to expose myself of a huge amount of different kinds of information. It pays of.

I also find out that playing games controll my adhd mind. I truely think, that because it triggers multitasking and heavily rely on swithing one’s attention that it helps to learn more quickly.

Even though I always say ‘I got no time to play’; I know use it deliberately to improve my brain functioning.

Besides that we are an evolutional animal and people have different states of their brains. And one meditating experience is writing. I often feel totally relaxed once the words are on paper. This effect doen’t take place when using a device. Only when handwritten.

So meditation, praying, exercorcism etc; they all have an effect on the brains. However sjaman’s and other spiritual leaders have told us so for centuries. But since our high capacity to deceive others, we had probably a need to come up with mehods to uncover truths.

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